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Peaceful Wind

129 W. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe
N.M. 87501, U.S.A.
Tel: (505) 983 7658
Fax: (505) 983 7613

Peaceful Wind is a gallery of fine Asian arts located in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. The gallery features fine works of art, textiles and jewelry from India, Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Throughout our many on-line gallery rooms, you can click on any of the small images to go to a larger image with full caption and price details.

on-line gallery opened: 17 Mar. 1995
Updated: 02 Jun. 2011 (Gallery1: Featured Items)        Updated: 02 Jun. 2011 (Gallery2: Fine Himalayan and Indian Sculpture)        Updated: 30 Sep. 2013 (Gallery3: Himalayan Painting)        Updated: 05 May. 2008 (Gallery4: Fine Manuscript Covers)        Updated: 08 Jun. 2007 (Gallery5: Fine Tibetan Furniture)        Updated: 05 May. 2008 (Gallery6: Contemporary Tibetan Painting)        Updated: 20 Sep. 2006 (Gallery7: Special Exhibition: LHASA TRAIN)        Updated: 10 Nov. 2006 (Gallery8: Contemporary Traditional Himalayan Art)        Updated: 05 May. 2008 (Gallery9: Ritual Objects)        Updated: 16 Feb. 2008 (Gallery10: Household and Domestic Objects)        Updated: 09 Feb. 2010 (Gallery11: Masks)        Updated: 16 Feb. 2007 (Gallery12: Jewelry)        Updated: 08 Jun. 2007 (Gallery13: Rugs and Textiles)        Updated: 02 Jun. 2011 (Gallery14: Affordable Fine Sculpture)        

Featured Items

Featured Items In this gallery you will find a diverse selection of featured items from our collection. Our emphasis in this gallery is on fine works of unusual quality and individual virtue.

Fine Himalayan and Indian Sculpture

<b>Fine Himalayan and Indian Sculpture</b> In this gallery you will find high-quality sculpture from the Himalayas and India. Sculptures in all media, including wood and clay as well as cast and repousse bronze and copper are included.

Himalayan Painting

Himalayan Painting This gallery features highlights from a large exhibition of Himalayan painting at our gallery in Santa Fe.

Fine Manuscript Covers

Fine Manuscript Covers In this gallery you will find a selection from our collection of painted and carved manuscript covers. We also maintain a collection of Nepalese manuscripts. For further information on our manuscripts, please inquire via our 'Contact Peaceful Wind' page

Fine Tibetan Furniture

<b>Fine Tibetan Furniture</b> This gallery continues our exhibition of fine Tibetan furniture, a genre of Tibetan household art that is now beginning to attract the attention it deserves.

Contemporary Tibetan Painting

Contemporary Tibetan Painting This gallery includes highlights from first major exhibition of Contemporary Tibetan painting to be held in the United States. Included are paintings from most of the contemporary artists working today in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and the heartland of Tibetan history, culture and religion. It features the work of the artists of the Gedun Choephel Artists' Guild who have organized a cooperative gallery and exhibition space in Lhasa.

Special Exhibition: LHASA TRAIN

Special Exhibition: <b> LHASA TRAIN</b> A special exhibition in our gallery September 22 through October 15, 2006. 20 Artists from Tibet's capital interpret the arrival of the Beijing-Lhasa rail service.

Contemporary Traditional Himalayan Art

Contemporary Traditional Himalayan Art Here you will find a selection of contemporary traditional art from the Himalayan region, currently with an emphasis on fine painting in traditional styles.

Ritual Objects

Ritual Objects In this gallery you will find fine ritual objects such as the well-known Tibetan dorje or thunderbolt sceptre.

Household and Domestic Objects

Household and Domestic Objects Here you will find finely crafted objects of domestic utility such as boxes, pots and jugs in bronze, clay and wood.


Masks Peaceful Wind has one of the largest collections of antique Himalayan masks in the United States. Our specialities are Monpa masks from Aruncachal Pradesh and Nepal tribal masks. We also have a small but fine selection of Southeast Asian masks. These often overlooked works of art often rise to the level of sculptural masterpiece.


Jewelry Peaceful Wind has a large collection of antique and modern jewelry from Asia, including pieces in gold, silver and repousse copper.

Rugs and Textiles

Rugs and Textiles We have a small but fine selection of antique Tibetan rugs, as well as a varied collecion of Southeast Asian weavings, including supplementary weft weavings and tie die Matmi cloths from Laos and Thailand. The collection contains examples of fine Laotian wedding sarongs in mixed supplementary weft and Matmi.

Affordable Fine Sculpture

Affordable Fine Sculpture Here you will find authentic fine Himalayan and Indian sculpture that is affordably priced.

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